Restaurants in Kerala to stop serving chicken from Thursday

February 04, 2013 - 4:21:32 am

Kochi: Restaurateurs in Kerala yesterday announced they would not sell food items made from chicken as it was not profitable, a claim rejected by the suppliers who described the move as a ploy to raise prices.

From Thursday, restaurants in the state would not be selling chicken-based food items due to high-cost of raw chicken, Jose Mohan, general secretary of Kerala Hotel and Restaurant Association, told reporters here.

“Four months back the price of chicken was Rs40 a kg and today it stands at Rs130 a kg and we have no other option than to boycott chicken,” Mohan claimed. 

Kerala as a consumer state gets a lion’s share of chickens from Tamil Nadu through agents and middlemen. 

Rejecting their claim, V T Babu, office bearer of the Poultry Growers Association in the state, said this is nothing but a “ploy on the part of the hoteliers to increase the price of their products by blaming us”. 

“Today the cost for us for a kilogramme of chicken is Rs85 and we take a margin of just Rs10 per kg of chicken...The wholesale price of chicken which we supply is around Rs92 to Rs95. They are taking the people for a ride,” 

said Babu. 

Most of the Kerala poultry farms get their supply of chicks from Tamil Nadu at around Rs36 per bird and they sell these after around 40 days, a poultry farm owner said.