Another Delhi molestation; three arrested

January 09, 2013 - 12:09:04 am

New Delhi: Three men have been arrested for allegedly kidnapping, drugging and raping a woman here last week, police said yesterday. Two more accused were still on the run.

“The incident occurred Jan 2 afternoon in Alipur area of north Delhi,” said a senior police officer.

Police said, the five men, all aged between 20 and 30, overpowered the 20-year-old victim, dragged her into their car, and took her to a house in Tikri Khurd area, where they drugged her and raped her in turns. They dumped her in a deserted area afterwards.

“Yogendra, Sunil Kumar and Rahul were arrested from Bakhtwarpur area on Monday after the woman lodged a complaint with the police,” said the police officer.

Two more accused- Jitender and Manoj-are on run, said the officer.

The woman told police that she knew Jitender, who lives near her house, for the past few months, and he had threatened her of dire consequences if she went to the police.


Western culture to blame for rapes: SP leader


Mumbai: Samajwadi Party leader Abu Asim Azmi said yesterday that Western culture had ruined Indian culture and led to increasing atrocities on women including rapes.

“Young girls and women must not roam around with any men except their parents, brothers or husband,” Azmi said here. “Having boyfriends and girlfriends has become a fashion in cities. This is why incidence of rapes is higher in urban areas compared to rural parts of the country,” he added. Azmi endorsed RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat, who last week expressed similar sentiments.

Asked if he supported the RSS chief’s views, Azmi said: “When he is saying is something right. I cannot say he is wrong.  “If he calls the sun the sun or the moon the moon, I cannot say he is wrong just because of our political differences.”

Saying that “we are all proud of our Indian culture and values”, Azmi added that women in Rajasthan were always veiled. But when young women go out skimpily dressed, they attract attention and face risks.

“Such nudity must be banned. The censor board must not clear movies having explicit scenes which embarrass families watching them together.

“Women from rural India with knowledge of Indian culture must be inducted into the censor board,” Azmi said.