Lokpal report tabled in Rajya Sabha amid ruckus

November 24, 2012 - 4:33:13 am

New Delhi: Amid din over various issues, a select committee of Rajya Sabha yesterday tabled its much awaited report on Lokpal Bill, giving provisions to make CBI more independent, and conditional inclusion of prime minister under the proposed ombudsman.

The report which was tabled by Shantaram Naik of Congress, also delinks formation of Lokayuktas from the Lokpal Bill. Addressing a press conference on the bill later, Satyavrat Chaturvedi, Rajya Sabha select committee chief on the Lokpal Bill, said: “Drafting the recommendations was a difficult job because of legal issues and diversified views from different political parties.”

“There were contradictory views but without exception, all members kept their political ambitions aside for national benefit. There was no argument while the bill was discussed by the select committee,” he said.

He added that the bill will be presented in the Rajya Sabha as amended by the committee. “A select committee does not give just a report, but also amends the bill. The bill will now be presented in the Rajya Sabha as amended by the select committee,” he added.

Among its recommendations, the select committee has suggested that the prime minister should be brought under the Lokpal’s purview, except for matters related to external affairs, internal security, atomic energy, and international relations.

On the much debated point of CBI’s independence, the committee says it will have a separate director of prosecution appointed by the central vigilance commission (CVC). Both, the CBI director and director of prosecution will have a fixed two-year term.

The Lokpal will have superintendence over and direction to Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) in Lokpal referred cases. CBI officers investigating cases referred by Lokpal will not be transferred without Lokpal’s consent.