South Korea troops in shootout with renegade soldier

June 23, 2014 - 7:32:23 am

SEOUL: South Korean troops traded fire near an elementary school yesterday with a cornered conscript soldier who had fled after shooting dead five members of his unit on the border with North Korea.

The 23-year-old army sergeant, surnamed Lim, had opened fire on fellow soldiers at a guard post on the eastern section of the heavily guarded frontier on Saturday night.

The shooting spree left five dead and seven wounded — and triggered a massive manhunt after Lee fled the scene armed with a K-2 assault rifle and a stash of ammunition.

A defence ministry spokesman said Lim, who had an apparent record of instability, had been tracked and cornered just before 2.30pm (0530 GMT) yesterday to a location 10km from the border.

“He shot at the pursuing troops and they returned fire,” the spokesman said, adding that one officer had been wounded in the arm. “The situation is still ongoing,” he said. Yonhap news agency said Lim’s parents had been brought to the scene and had pleaded with their son to surrender.

Kim So-Rae, a college student who lives in a nearby village, said she had heard at least three separate exchanges of gunfire. “It’s pretty scary,” she told YTN television shortly before the army ordered the villagers to evacuate their homes.

According to the military, Lim was due to be discharged in the next few months after completing his compulsory military service.

All those killed or wounded in Saturday’s incident were members of Lim’s unit, the 22nd infantry division, in the eastern province of Gangwon.

The army issued its highest state of alert in nearby areas during the search for Lim, which involved thousands of soldiers, Colonel Roh Jae-Chun told reporters.

Special forces units and army helicopters were also brought in, while local residents were warned to stay indoors.

Lim had difficulty adapting to the military, and past psychological evaluations had advised senior officers to pay him special attention, a defence ministry official who wished to remain anonymous said. This is not the first time the 22nd infantry has been involved in such an incident.

In 1984 a private belonging to the same division opened fire and threw a grenade at fellow soldiers in their barracks, killing 15.