American films his fall from Himalayan crevasse

May 25, 2014 - 12:43:57 am

Kathmandu: An American researcher has recorded the life-or-death climb that he made bloodied and one-handed after falling 21 metres down an icy Himalayan mountain crevasse.

John All, an associate professor of geography at Western Kentucky University, had been collecting snow samples on the 7,125 metre Mount Himlung, close to Mount Everest in Nepal, when he fell into the deep crevasse that he said had been hidden by heavy snow.

His body ricocheted between the walls of the crevasse, breaking his arm, five ribs, dislocating the shoulders and suffering severe cuts and internal bleeding before he landed on an ice ridge that he said was about 92 metres from the bottom.

All, 44, later told media outlets he thought he was going to die and that there was no way out when he began videotaping the ordeal.

Over the next four to five hours, he said, he moved sideways and upwards inch by inch before finding an area where he could use an ice axe on the hard snow to pull himself up and out of the crevasse.

He said he knew the entire time that if he slipped it would mean death.

After he managed to climb his way out of the crevasse, All made his way back to his tent. He sent an alert to other climbers on Facebook and a helicopter was called, arriving 17 hours later to rescue him. He is recovering from his injuries.     TheGuardian