Taiwan students consider ending parliament protest

April 08, 2014 - 12:31:52 am

TAIPEI: Protesters said yesterday they were considering ending their three-week occupation of Taiwan’s parliament, after its Speaker intervened to try to end the standoff over a contentious services trade pact with China.

“Discussions about the direction of the movement are now under way,” said Shih Yen-ting, a spokesman for the Sunflower movement which is staging the first parliamentary occupation in the island’s history. “Hopefully there will be a conclusion by early this evening,” he said, as the number of protesters occupying the main chamber dwindled to dozens from a peak of around 200.

Parliamentary speaker Wang Jin-pyng of the ruling Kuomintang party entered the chamber Sunday to meet students. He pledged not to preside over further parliamentary debate about the pact until a law has been introduced to monitor such agreements with China. Protesters described his promise as a “goodwill” gesture.  AFP