Jakarta warns of tsunami from Chile quake

April 03, 2014 - 7:03:52 am

JAKARTA:  Indonesia warned yesterday that it could be hit by a small tsunami generated by an 8.2-magnitude earthquake that struck off Chile’s Pacific coast, and told residents to stay away from beaches.

Tsunami waves up to half a metre  high “will possibly affect several areas in Indonesia” from early today, said disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho.

The quake struck late Tuesday, sending tsunami waves of more than two metres crashing into Chile’s northern coast. At least five people have been killed, panicked crowds have fled and some northern areas of the country have been declared a disaster zone.

Japan to abide by whaling ban

TOKYO:  Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said yesterday he will abide by the court ruling that banned the nation’s controversial Antarctic whale hunt.

The conservative leader told Japan’s chief whaling negotiator that he would respect the judgement issued this week by the International Court of Justice.

“It is a pity and I am deeply disappointed,” Abe was quoted as saying by Japan’s chief negotiator Koji Tsuruoka during a meeting at his office.

“But I will follow the ruling,” Abe said, according to Tsuruoka, who spoke to reporters after meeting the premier.

Abe’s comment came after the United Nations’ Hague-based (ICJ) said Monday that Japan’s whaling programme was a commercial activity disguised as science and said Tokyo must revoke existing whaling licences.

Tainted horse meat kills five

COTABATO:  Five people are believed to have died from eating tainted horsemeat in the Philippines while as many as 60 may have consumed it.

Four horses died from unexplained causes and their meat was given away to residents in the largely rural southern province Sultan Kudarat on March 25, Henry Albana, the province’s social welfare officer said. 

Many fell ill after eating it, with the town of Senator Ninoy Aquino particularly affected, Albano added. 

“The owners of the horses butchered them, then they distributed the meat to the residents. One of the owners was the first victim,” to die after eating the meat, said Albano.