​South Korea to return 437 war dead to China

March 18, 2014 - 7:15:28 am
PAJU:  South Korea began to prepare the remains of 437 Chinese soldiers killed in the Korean War for repatriation yesterday, more than 60 years after the conflict ended.

Military forensic officers placed the remains in dark brown coffins after a ceremony watched by Chinese officials and South Korean army Brigadier General Moon Sang-Gyu at a temporary charnel house in Paju just south of the border with North Korea.

The move will be the first such return of Chinese soldiers’ remains since the three-year war ended in 1953. “It will take about two weeks to place all the remains in coffins and complete preparations,” a defence ministry spokesman said.

At the end of March, they will be brought to a state cemetery in China’s northern city of Shenyang.

South Korea has described the move as a new milestone for relations between the former Cold War enemies.

Diver’s body found on island 

MALANG:  A body believed to be that of a Japanese diver who went missing with six others off Bali a month ago has been found far from where she disappeared, Indonesian police said yesterday.

The body, thought to be that of diving instructor Shoko Takahashi, was found at the weekend on Sempu island, East Java province, some 400 kilometres from where the divers went missing.