Nepal reduces Everest fees

 15 Feb 2014 - 3:43


In this photograph taken on May 23, 2013 unidentified mountaineers look out from the summit of Mount Everest 

KATHMANDU:   Nepal will cut climbing fees for Mount Everest to lure more mountaineers to the world’s highest peak, already overcrowded during the March to May peak climbing season. 
Nepal now charges $25,000 per climber as a licence fee, or royalty. But a group of seven people can secure a permit for $70,000, a practice that encourages climbers to form big groups.
A Tourism Ministry official said each climber will be charged $11,000 from next year to end the practice. The new rate will apply for the peak season on the Southeast Ridge. Permits for other routes and for the rest of the year, when the mountain is virtually deserted, will cost as little as $2,500.