US urges action against Pyongyang execution

December 17, 2013 - 8:09:59 am
SEOUL:  Washington called for a united front against North Korea after the “ominous” execution of leader Kim Jong-Un’s uncle. 

US Secretary of State John Kerry said the purge showed the world “how ruthless and reckless” Kim Jong-Un is, voicing concerns over the nuclear weapons under the control of the “spontaneous, erratic” leader. 

“It’s an ominous sign of the instability and of the danger that exists,” Kerry said during a trip to Vietnam.

“To have a nuclear weapon, potentially, in the hands of somebody like Kim Jong (Un) -- just becomes even more unacceptable,” Kerry said. 

Last week’s events showed the urgent need to get “China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, all of us to stay on the same page and to put as much effort into the denuclearisation as possible,” he said.

In Pyongyang, preparations were underway to commemorate the second anniversary of death of Kim Jong-Il.

The latest purge in the isolated communist state was carried out in an extraordinarily public and brutal manner, with Pyongyang releasing images of Jang being dragged out of a party meeting. 

After the recent dramatic events, Kim Jong-Un spent a whirlwind weekend making public appearances around the country in a move apparently intended to demonstrate his firm grip on power. 

State media have reported since Saturday Kim’s “field guidance” trips to venues including a luxury ski resort and a military fish warehouse as well as attending the wake for a late senior party official. He was photographed smiling and laughing with top military cadres who accompanied him during the trips. 

“I think Kim is trying to boast that he’s fully in control of the regime and reassure the North’s public that the regime is stable even after Jang’s death,” said Shin In-Kyun, head of the Korea defence Network think tank.

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