No new US army bases in Manila, only troops: Envoy

December 03, 2013 - 8:39:33 am
MANILA: The new United States ambassador to the Philippines said they are not building new military bases here but he cited the importance of the help coming from American troops.

Ambassador Philip Goldberg said yesterday establishing new bases in the Philippines is not part of the yet-to-be-signed framework agreement for the increased rotational presence of US forces. However, he said it is important to help the Philippine military, especially in the aspects of maritime defence and disaster response.

“We’re not talking about bases or any kind of new bases for the United States,” Goldberg said at a televised news briefing. 

Goldberg said having faster and more efficient military capabilities “will always be of help” as shown in the on-going relief operations in areas ravaged by Super Typhoon Haiyan, wherein American forces have provided assistance.

American troops, equipment, and even transport planes have been deployed to Tacloban City in the province of Leyte and in other typhoon-hit places to aid their Philippine counterparts in the relief efforts.

“It’s important for the Philippines, I think, as we saw with the Super Typhoon Haiyan to have a greater ability to provide for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief,” Goldberg said.

The Philippine Star

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