High radiation at Fukushima

September 11, 2013 - 4:21:16 am

TOKYO: Japan pledged a renewed push to contain potentially hazardous leaks at Fukushima yesterday after Tepco, the operator of the crippled plant, reported spiking levels of radiation in groundwater. Tepco announced samples taken from a well at the site showed the presence of radioactive substances, including strontium. Reports said the utility believed it “now seems more likely” that leaks from tanks storing polluted water had made their way into subterranean water out to sea.

Taiwan reports first rabies case

TAIPEI: Taiwanese health authorities yesterday renewed a call for owners to inoculate their pets after confirming a case of rabies in a dog, as the island struggles with its first outbreak of the disease in decades. The 45-day old puppy developed symptoms of rabies on Friday after it was attacked by a ferret-badger in Haituan, a remote township in the south-eastern Taitung county. Taiwan is listed as a rabies-affected area by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

5.7 earthquake hits Indonesia

JAKARTA: A 5.7-magnitude earthquake struck off Indonesia’s Sulawesi island yesterday morning, the United States Geological Survey has said. The quake hit at 0311 IST 135 kilometres north-west of Gorontalo city at a depth of 46 km. Indonesia sits on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” where tectonic plates collide, causing frequent seismic and volcanic activity.

Ex-dictator’s son to pay fines

SEOUL: The family of former South Korean dictator Chun Doo-Hwan promised yesterday to pay millions of dollars in remaining fines imposed for bribes the disgraced military strongman took while in office. Chun’s eldest son, Chun Jae-Kook, announced a list of assets the family would put up for sale to pay around 167.2bn won ($154m). 

Miss World final in a fix  

JAKARTA: Miss World organisers said yesterday it would be “impossible” to stage the final in Bali, vowing to petition authorities to move the event back to Java after it was switched in the face of protests. “I think people can appreciate how complex it would be to move everything to Bali,” Nana Putra, Executive Director of organiser and broadcaster MNC Group, said. “Just getting the venue and all the accommodation is impossible with APEC here,” she said, referring to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit at the start of October. The final takes place on September 28. Agencies