N Korea may have 200 launchers

May 18, 2013 - 3:49:32 am


SEOUL: North Korea is now thought to have around twice as many mobile missile launchers as previously estimated by Seoul, a report said yesterday, quoting a state-run military analysis unit. Yonhap news agency said the Korea Institute for Defence Analyses had revised its figures after seeing a related Pentagon document. It now estimated that Pyongyang had up to 50 medium-range missile launchers and 150 for short-range projectiles.

Murderers executed

JAKARTA: Indonesia executed three convicted murderers yesterday, an official said, the second time that the country has done so since 2008 in a move that drew condemnation from rights groups. 

Suryadi Swabhuana, Jurit, and Ibrahim, all Indonesians, were put to death by firing squad in Nusakambangan prison, on an island off the coast of the main island of Java. 

“We executed the three men early Friday,” said Mahfud Mannan, the deputy attorney general for criminal cases. “They were convicted in two separate cases of premeditated murder.” 46-year-old Swabhuana was convicted of murder and theft in 1991, according to government records. Jurit and Ibrahim, who both go by one name like many Indonesians, were convicted of murder in a second case. Further details were not available.

Death for China businesswoman

BEIJING: A businesswoman in China has been sentenced to death for defrauding her clients of around $70m in an investment scam, state media reported yesterday as authorities crack down on illegal banking.

Lin Haiyan, 39, from the eastern city of Wenzhou, a free-wheeling business hub, was condemned after illegally raising ¥640m ($104m) from relatives, friends and other investors, the National Business Daily reported.

She put the money into securities and futures, racking up huge losses, the report said citing a court in Wenzhou, but claimed she was making profits in order to swindle more funds in an attempt to pay back investors and speculate further.