Suu Kyi to visit Japan next week

April 05, 2013 - 4:54:20 am

TOKYO: Myanmar’s pro-democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi will visit Japan from April 13 through 19, according to a Japanese statement. It will be her first visit to Japan in nearly three decades since her previous stay as a visiting researcher at the prestigious Kyoto University from 1985 to 1986, the foreign ministry said in the statement. She is expected to visit Kyoto to give speeches at universities, meet Myanmar nationals and hold talks with Japan officials.

Separate flag protest in Aceh

INDONESIA: Thousands of demonstrators rallied in Indonesia’s Aceh yesterday in support of local leaders’ bid to adopt a separatist flag as the Islamic province’s official emblem. The crowed, including women, waved the flag — a white crescent and star on a red background — in the provincial capital Banda Aceh, police said. Soldiers and tanks were deployed as the Indonesian Interior Minister Gamawan Fauzi met local leaders to demand they reverse the local parliament’s decision allowing use of the flag in the only province with Sharia law. The flag was used Free Aceh Movement which fought a 30-year separatist war against the Indonesian state until a peace deal in 2005, and the row over the emblem is being seen as a test of the accord.

8,000 of family sweep tombs 

TAIPEI: Around 8,000 members of the same family travelled from across the globe to gather in Taiwan yesterday for the traditional “tomb-sweeping festival” paying tribute to their ancestors. Descendants of the Yeh family massed in Miaoli county in the north where they burned incense and kneeled in front of a five-storey tower housing their ancestors’ remains, the United Evening News said. People visit the graves of their ancestors and burn incense and paper money in the hope of ensuring a comfortable after-life for the deceased.

Moderate quake hits Myanmar  

YANGON: A moderate 5.7-magnitude earthquake struck southern Myanmar yesterday, the US Geological Survey said. The quake hit at a shallow depth of 3.5km, with its epicentre about 65km southwest of the capital Naypyidaw, at 9.46am. Earthquakes are relatively common in Myanmar. Six earthquakes struck between 1930 and 1956 near the Sagaing Fault from north to south through the centre of the country.          Agencies