Nepalese ex-prince arrested in Bangkok

December 07, 2012 - 1:53:53 am


BANGKOK: Former Nepalese crown prince Paras Shah has been arrested for smashing property at a luxury apartment in Bangkok, police said yesterday, just a week after news emerged he had been bailed on drug charges.

Shah, who as crown prince was unpopular for his playboy lifestyle, is accused of destroying property at his rented apartment in central Bangkok in May, Bangkok police told a reporter.

“The incident occurred during an argument with his Thai girlfriend. The property’s owner estimated that 900,000 baht ($30,000) of damage was done,” said local police superintendent Colonel Chumpol Pumpuang.

He said Shah, who denies the charges, had been bailed.

Shah was flown to the Thai capital for questioning on Wednesday after being seized in the tourist island of Phuket, where he was earlier arrested for drug possession.

He was detained along with a Thai woman on October 23 after the management of his condominium complained about his unruly behaviour.

Police found roughly three grams (0.1 ounces) of marijuana.

Shah denied the drug charge and was freed on bail. If convicted he faces a light sentence because marijuana possession for personal use is not considered a serious offence in Thailand.

Nepalese embassy staff confirmed Shah’s latest arrest.

Shah became heir to the throne in 2001 after his cousin, former crown prince Dipendra, killed nine members of his family.