Important Phone Numbers

Contact Details

Police, Fire, Ambulance Tel: 999
Veterinary Tel: 4465-3083
Water Emergency Tel: 4432-5959
Electricity Emergency Tel: 4443-5704
Telegrams Tel: 130
Hamad Medical Corporation Tel: 4439-3507

Water Suppliers

Al Manhal Tel: 4460-3332, 4460-2720
Rayyan Mineral Water Co. Tel: 4487-7664
Safa International Tel: 4460-6699

Mobile, Internet and Landlines

Internet Tel: 4465-1555
Landline Tel: 4442-3016
On Demand TV (Mozaic) Tel: 115
Call Centre Tel: 111
Thuraya (Satellite Mobile) Tel: 4447-0047
Al Jazeera Mobile Tel: 130
Local Time Tel: 140
Directory Assitance Tel: 180

Satellite and Television

Showtime Tel: 4428-3888
Orbit Tel: 4447-7177
Mozaic Tel: 115
Qatar Cablevision Tel: 177


I call on all citizens to participate in the presidential election and express their choice. Abstention indicates an intention to remain on the fringes of the nation.  
Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika