Making a career in the field of beauty

January 09, 2013 - 12:00:00 am

By Fazeena Saleem 

Fathma Abdeen, a young Qatari woman dreaming of a beautiful future, walked into Tajmeel, Qatar International Beauty Academy, to get international qualifications for a career in the beauty industry. Soon after finishing school, unlike her colleagues Fathma chose a career that would give her the opportunity to embellish others’ lives.    

Although it was not easy for a girl from a traditional Qatari family to enter a field like beauty therapy, Fathma was determined. “I liked it and decided to do it,” said Fathma, who will sit for her International CIDESCO Diploma exams in June, after which she plans to go to Britain for higher studies in beauty therapy. 

“My hobby was painting, and I thought I could make others look pretty if I improve my skills,” she said. 

Tajmeel Principal Beverley Crowther considers Fathma an ambassador of the academy, in recognition of her skills and the fact that most of the students are Qatari women. 

Tajmeel, founded by the Social Development Centre, a member of Qatar Foundation, is dedicated to providing quality education in the field of beauty and its associated fields. It is Qatar’s first vocational training centre to offer internationally recognised beauty therapy qualifications.

Degrees awarded by the International Therapy Examination Council UK are offered by Tajmeel. The academy has several short courses and workshops for those working in the beauty industry or those who simply enjoy acquiring new skills for personal care. 

“The demand for beauty therapy is very high among the Qataris. There is a passion for it among Qatari females. The hairstyling and make-up industry is very popular,” said Crowther.

“Tajmeel opened its doors to raise the standards of the beauty industry in Qatar, qualify its professionals and support entrepreneurship,” she added.  

Sixty-four students graduated from Tajmeel last year, many of them locals, and the number of students has increased 22 percent this year. 

Currently, more than 30 percent of the Qatari students are doing international courses in beauty therapy. Short courses of one to eight days are more popular among the Qataris.   

“Over 90 percent are Qataris between the age of 20 and 35 years, who come for short-term courses; they are mostly interested in hairstyling and make-up. They come out of personal interest, for self grooming,” said Crowther. 

Tajmeel shows that beauty is not skin-deep. It teaches not only how to apply lipstick and comb hair but also about hygiene, the human body, skin care, customer relations and many other things.

“We don’t look at just teaching about beauty therapy but also about building their personality,” said Crowther.

Tajmeel offers facilities of high standards. The class sizes are small, so that students receive focused and consistent levels of training. By using the latest equipment and facilities, Tajmeel is able to meet the high professional standards set by international examining bodies.

The students study in fully equipped and IT-enabled lecture rooms. Specialist make-up studios are equipped with professional make-up work units featuring mirrors with surround lighting along the perimeter of the classroom. The studios also contain high-tech visual facilities for effective learning.

Spacious and well-equipped practical rooms are dedicated to training and commercial activities and Tajmeel’s IT-enabled library stocks a wide selection of textbooks and DVDs.

Tajmeel’s courses are tailor-made for those wanting a career as a beauty professional. The career opportunities offered by its training include a career as a salon owner, make-up artist, hairstylist or technical sales representative, and careers in health resorts, clubs, spas, hair and beauty salons, on cruise liners, and in films and television. 

Some graduates of Tajmeel have started their own businesses while some others are working for leading spas in the city. A few are pursuing higher education in beauty therapy overseas.

“All our graduates are in the industry now, even while studying they have got internships at spas in five-star hotels, Al Jazeera and Qatari theatre,” said Crowther. 

Following the academy’s success with female students, it will start a pilot project for male students this month. Eight male students will be offered a spa therapy course for six months. The curriculum will be designed by Tajmeel’s international partners and will cover anatomy and physiology of the entire body and spa management. 



• Blending is the key to achieving naturally beautiful make-up

• For great results good quality brushes are worth the investment.

• To give length to short eye lashes, choose a thin mascara brush and add volume use a thicker option

• Tinted moisturiser and water proof mascara is a great option on a hot day, don’t forget to wear a sun protection factor

• Wash brushes once per week if used every day, lay them down and allow air to circulate around them to dry

• Clean and moisturize your face before applying make-up, allow 5 minutes between moisturiser and make-up. Don’t go to bed wearing make-up always remove it!

•Avoid sharing products and dispose your old ones. Bacteria can grow in cosmetics, which can lead to infections. If they smell bad, toss them away.