Q-Chem highlights seven dimensions of sustainability

 22 Jun 2014 - 8:46

H E Dr Mohamed bin Saleh Al Sada (left), the Minister of Energy and Industry, looking at the Q-Chem report.

Doha: Qatar Chemical Company Ltd (Q-Chem) has announced the launch of its 2013 Sustainability Report entitled ‘Responsibility in Action’.
The report highlights seven dimensions of sustainability at Q-Chem: materiality, tenets of operations, Q-Chem’s contribution to Qatar’s human development, environmental management systems, operational efficiency, Q-Chem’s role within energy and industry sector, and company’s commitment to governance and social responsibility.
This Q-Chem initiative is also in line with the Sustainability Development Industrial Reporting  (SDIR) programme, with the purpose of enhancing sustainability in the sector and optimising its contribution to Qatar. Moreover, the report provides greater transparency and constructive engagement with internal and external stakeholders.
On this occasion, Ahmed Ibrahim Al Emadi, Q-Chem General Manager, said “The report follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines, which are the newly updated and the most recognized international standard for sustainability reporting”. He added “As our first GRI-aligned report, we are proud to present our achievements as part of our journey to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.”
Since its inception, Q-Chem had taken decisive steps to implement its own quality management system called — Operational Excellence. The OE has enabled Q-Chem to excel in its daily operations with confidence and efficiency.
“We continue to enhance our relationship with the stakeholders to better understand the impacts that our operations have from economic, social, and environmental perspectives” concluded Al Emadi. The Peninsula