Superior Derrick Services gets GDI’s QR193m order for land rigs

 16 Jun 2014 - 9:32

GDI Chief Executive Officer Ibrahim J Al Othman (right) and SDS Managing Partner Rodney Verret shaking hands after the signing ceremony.

DOHA: Gulf Drilling International (GDI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gulf International Services (GIS) and the largest service group listed in Qatar Exchange has placed a QR193m order with Superior Derrick Services, LLC (SDS) for the construction of two new land rigs that will work for Qatar Petroleum (QP) under newly awarded contracts.
The contract was signed by Chief Executive Officer of GDI Ibrahim J Al Othman, and the Managing Partner of SDS Rodney Verret.
The 1500HP rig that is being ordered will be known as GDI-7 while the 3000HP rig will be known as GDI-8.
These rigs will take 10 and 12 months, respectively, to be delivered at SDS’s factory and are scheduled to be placed into service by GDI, following their mobilisation from the USA, in the third and fourth quarters of 2015, respectively.
When these new orders are filled, GDI’s land rig fleet will total eight rigs, including five drilling rigs (one 3000HP rig, one 2000HP rig and three 1500HP rigs) and three workover rigs (all 1000HP).
All eight rigs are under long term contracts to Qatar Petroleum(QP) for drilling operations being conducted the onshore Dukhan field. At 3000HP, GDI-8 will be the largest land rig in GDI’s fleet, capable of drilling extended reach wells and drill to greater depths.
Al Othman, said: “GDI remains dedicated to delivering world class drilling rig services for all its clients, onshore and offshore. GDI’s land operations had improved considerably in recent years as a result of the business strategy to invest in this important segment of the business. We are looking forward with great anticipation to the day when each of these new assets is placed into operation in a safe and efficient manner.”
Al Othman said, “the addition of these two new rigs will positively impact GDI’s profitability and long term sustainability.”
Rodney Verret, Managing Partner, SDS, said, “SDS is pleased to have received this significant order from GDI and looks forward to providing GDI with the high quality drilling rigs that they demand..... SDS is one of the few private companies capable of delivering complete onshore drilling systems from design concept to the well site. This is our first contract in Qatar and we look forward to building a long term relationship with GDI to be a viable option to provide further assets to their growing fleet.”
In recent years, GDI has made several investments to expand and upgrade its land operations in and around Dukhan.
In addition to its drilling rigs, GDI has a full complement of ancillary equipment that are used for transportation, rig moves, well site preparation, catering, communication and the drilling of water wells.
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