QCB Governor visits Korea Stock Exchange

April 22, 2014 - 1:05:15 am

Seoul: The Governor of Qatar Central Bank (QCB), 

H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Saud Al Thani, yesterday paid an inspecion tour of the Korea Exchange (KRX) and met with its chairman Choi Kyung-soo.

The meeting was attended by Qatar’s Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Duhaimi and a number of CEOs of some Qatari banks, the Regulatory Authority of Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) and Qatar Financial Markets Authority, in addition to a number of other QCB senior officials. 

During the meeting, the governor and KRX chairman discussed the foreign investors’ trading mechanisms in Korea especially as related to the government bonds. QC Governor also got acquainted with the modus operandi of KRX and was briefed on the trading mechanism of the financial instruments and the latest technology and systems operated at the KRX. At the end of the visit, souvenirs were exchanged by the two sides. 

Earlier yesterday, he met Bank of Korea Governor Lee Ju-yeol in the headquarters of the Bank of Korea in Seoul and discussed the prospects of cooperation between QCB and its Korean counterpart and ways of enhancing them, adding that he was briefed on investment opportunities in financial instruments available to the Bank of Korea. QNA