Budget to give push to infrastructure, construction

 31 Mar 2014 - 0:59


Doha: The increase in the allocation of funds in the budget will give a huge push to the infrastructure and construction sector, say experts.
Ahmad Al Jolo, Chairman of Qatar Society of Engineers, said that the allocation of more funds for infrastructure and construction is a very positive step for these sectors as projects related to Football World Cup 2022 will get a big boost. Experts add that rise in the allocation of more funds will attract foreign capital. 
Jolo said rise in funds in budget will create more opportunities for private sector and foreign investments. “The economic situation is very good in the country and we hope that the private sector will take the advantage to enter in partnership and take part in these projects instead keeping investments in specific areas,” he said. 
Local companies will also get chance to get experience by participating in these huge projects with international companies. He added that the slowdown in infrastructure and construction sector is not because of shortage of liquidity in the local market. These mega projects, which are under construction and for which huge budget is allocated, require meticulous planning and world class designing. Apart from infrastructure, education, health, housing sectors have also received significant funds. 
Funds allocated to provide housing for Qatari nationals have increased by 18 percent which will be used to complete 3,700 housing units currently under construction and to build 2,300 new homes benefiting 6,000 nationals, ensuring that there is no waiting list for housing.
Likewise in health sector, funds are allocated to complete the Sidra Medical and Research Center, expand facilities at Hamad General Hospital and for the Hamad Medical Corporation, to establish a dedicated hospital for workers, and build new health centres. This comes‎ as part of a plan to establish 19 new health centres, six of which are currently under construction in Al Karaana, Al Ghuwariyah, Al Rawda, Al Nuaim, Al Muntazah, and Umm Slal.
In education sector, funds are allocated for new expansions in facilities of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development and for Qatar University. Funds will also be used for setting up of 85 schools, 29 of which are currently under construction.The Peninsula