QNB takes part in Bedaya workshop

January 16, 2014 - 9:11:13 am
Doha: Qatar National Bank (QNB) has participated in a entrepreneurship networking workshop organised by the Bedaya Centre, in Katara. The one day workshop enabled organisations to participate and discuss how to develop and help finance startup businesses. This is an important component in stimulating and driving the participation of SME’s in the Qatar economy.

The Bedaya Centre, a non-governmental organisation with a mission to connect people in the 18-30 age group with enterprise and financing opportunities, organizes such career development workshops on a monthly basis but with different themes. Each month, one of the country’s institutions, companies, or organizations participate in the workshop, where all entrepreneurs will have the chance to introduce themselves and their business concept to all participants.

At this month’s workshop Hamad Al Jamali QNB’s Acting AGM for SME stressed the importance of the business banking “BB” programme which has recently been launched for all small and medium companies. The programme is an innovative platform studded with detailed business oriented solutions from QNB that will enable all current and future business owners to expand or start a business by granting them easy, convenient and fast access to finance their small to medium-sized businesses.

QNB’s Business banking “BB” program offers a comprehensive package of business solutions that meet the needs of all enterprises and businessmen. 

Just like The Bedaya Centre Initiative, it is there to help all commercial and industrial companies at various stages of their development by providing finance, expertise and insights into both the opportunities and challenges faced in building and establishing sustainable business. 

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