New identity for Ezdan Holding, subsidiaries

December 26, 2013 - 4:27:23 am

DOHA: As part of its modernisation and development strategy, real estate giant Ezdan Holding Group yesterday unveiled its new identity along with all of its subsidiaries, including Ezdan Real Estate, Ezdan Hotels and Ezdan Mall. 

The new identity of its subsidiaries is part of the Group’s efforts which is striving to double the investments with a more diversified business portfolio.

Ezdan is working to develop and manage a large number of projects, including giant real estate projects that comprise thousands of housing units, in addition to investments in the hospitality sector, commercial complexes and several investments in the financial sector, such as banks, insurance, health and media.

Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani, Chairman of Ezdan Holding Group, said: “The new identity reflects the group’s strategy and combines tradition with modernity.”

He said: “The growth and development achieved by Ezdan group drive it to look with hope toward a bright future and compel it to use all possibilities to firmly face future variables. The group’s vision and strategy seeks to achieve profitability for all shareholders and to participate in the renaissance of the beloved country in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.” 

He added that the group is keen to implement such a vision in all its steps and different stages, based on the fact that Ezdan Group is one of the largest economic entities in Qatar and the region, as a key partner and supporter of all the development goals of the state.”

Sheikh Khalid also said that Ezdan connects between architecture, human and the Qatari environment, preserving the authentic Qatari heritage on one hand and modernity on the other.

Ali Mohammed Al Obaidli, CEO of Ezdan Holding, said: “The Group is establishing a unified identity for all its subsidiaries, bearing the same character and colors but different designs for different activity.”

He stressed that the new identity is not limited to the logo and colors, but also it extends to the company’s projects, noting that the group launched recently an integrated array of plans and strategies aimed at developing work within all Ezdan projects.”

The CEO pointed out that Ezdan is striving to innovate and put forward new ideas to provide luxury and comfort conditions for all the beneficiaries of the projects.

Nasser Al Abdullah, Deputy CEO of Ezdan, said: “The Group is witnessing an ongoing development process at all levels, technically and administratively.”

Abdullah emphasised that the new identity will contribute to a large degree in adopting a new phase based on modern ideas, scientific method of administration and innovative strategies that have proven successful in a short period and reflected on the profit of the Group.

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