Qatargas’ DHT project achieves safety milestone

December 22, 2013 - 7:09:06 am

Officials and staff of Qatargas’  Diesel Hydrotreater project celebrating the safety milestone.

DOHA: Qatargas’ Laffan Refinery’s Diesel Hydrotreater (DHT) project made yet another milestone with the celebration of three million man-hours without a ‘lost time injury’. 

The DHT project forms part of Qatar’s National Vision for ensuring efficient energy supplies for the country and meeting the most stringent environmental specifications. The processed diesel from the DHT unit will be distributed in Qatar through the existing truck loading Gantry facilities, which has also been constructed by Laffan Refinery Company and is being operated by Qatar Fuel (Woqod). 

The permanent works construction phase commenced in July 2012 and the project remains on target for start up in April 2014. When completed, the DHT will produce diesel with less than 10 parts per million of Sulphur which will exceed the “best in class” Euro 5 Specification. 

This will make a major contribution towards Qatar’s drive for world class environmental standards. The project management team (PMT) together with the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for the work, Samsung Engineering and Construction Ltd, have adopted an integrated approach to safety that involved working closely with the workforce in a collaborative manner to ensure the health and safety of all employees. 

“This is the third time on the project that we have celebrated a major safety milestone and on the evidence that I have seen within the teams, I look forward to maintaining this excellent standard through to the completion of the work,” said Salman Ashkanani, Chief Operating Officer, Refinery Ventures said.

“Recently we have focused attention on doing the basic things well and being proactive. We are sure this will lead to an incident and injury free workplace and so far our record supports this,” said Lance Pretorius, PMT Safety Lead. 

“The safety philosophy on the project is multi-faceted. We take a standards-based approach. The PMT supports and provides oversight to the contractor’s safety teams but we ourselves are supported by Qatargas Safety, Environment and Quality Department – we have benefited a great deal from campaigns such as the Qatargas Ten Life Saving Rules,” said Neil Bonner, DHT Project Manager.

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