RasGas first firm in Mideast permitted to train solicitors

February 11, 2013 - 1:27:32 am

Doha: The Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) has authorised RasGas Company Limited (RasGas) as a training establishment for trainee solicitors in the laws of England and Wales. This makes RasGas the first company in the Middle East to be permitted to train trainee solicitors in the laws of England and Wales. 

“RasGas is delighted to be able to build upon its existing training scheme for graduates in Qatari law by offering training to the standards and in the laws of England and Wales. Through this, RasGas is contributing to the development of legal training and practice in Qatar to international standards in global commerce,” said Dr Marwan Musleh, RasGas General Counsel and Board Secretary.

The SRA determines the standards that must be met by trainees and the organisations that train them. Organisations intending to provide training must agree to meet the mandatory standards before they are authorised by the SRA as training establishments. 

RasGas was able to satisfy the training criteria set by the SRA. All trainee solicitors working with RasGas must satisfy the following key training criteria: Gain practical experience in at least three distinct areas of English law; be given opportunities to develop the skills they will need in practice to meet the appropriate skills standards; maintain a training record whereby they link the experience gained to the skills they have developed; be closely supervised by qualified solicitors or others in appropriate experience in English law; receive regular feedback and appraisals throughout their training and be allowed paid study-leave to attend SRA prescribed courses.

Under the terms of the authorisation, RasGas will be monitored by the SRA to ensure that the training RasGas provides is of the appropriate quality and standard. In addition, RasGas is permitted to admit two trainee solicitors each year under the overall supervision of Flynn Jennings, RasGas’ Head of Legal (Operations, Compliance and Commercial), who will act as training principal.

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