Misys offers banks new processing solutions

February 11, 2013 - 1:07:58 am

DOHA: Misys, a leading financial services software solutions provider, has announced plans to start offering banks in the Middle East region Global Processing as part of its renowned trade finance processing solution, TI Plus, a press statement said yesterday. 

The Global Processing functionality within TI Plus enables banks to gain a competitive edge over other trade finance specialists through improved customer service levels, reduced costs and more efficient operational structures across their regional or global trade finance business.

Banks today are under increasing pressure to offer high customer service levels and deliver standardised trade services regardless of location. The Misys Global Processing functionality has already been licensed by five leading banks in the region including ING, National Bank of Abu Dhabi and Qatar National Bank (QNB), amongst others.

The Solution works by centralising disjointed local systems, offering an integrated standardised platform that allows the retention of local customer services yet provides central management of trade business; improving visibility and speeding up the roll out of new services. It reduces pressure across regional teams and enables banks to offer a superior service to customers globally, such as round-the-clock processing of their trade services transactions.

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