Contractors want price of steel rods reduced further

January 23, 2013 - 7:18:12 am

DOHA: While some Qatari contractors see the recent decrease in the price of steel rods in the local market encouraging, others were not contented with the QR100 per tonne price reduction.

“In the past few months, the prices of steel rods have increased much and the current reduction of QR100 is not enough. We want the price to be reduced to QR2,000 or QR2,200 per tonne,” Khalid Al Naimi, a contractor, told Al Sharq daily.

He said there was no reason for prices of building materials to increase because there was no rush in the construction sector and the government was giving attention to infrastructure development. Another contractor Saud Al Shammary was optimistic the reduction in price of steel rods would encourage more nationals to start construction of houses. He said, however, the construction sector was currently facing a huge challenge in recruiting skilled workers.

“The problem is there is lack of skilled workers since the government is limiting the recruitment of workers to specific countries so we are getting visas for workers we don’t want and this is one of the major problems facing contractors,” said Al Shammary.

While there was decrease in price of steel rods, other building materials saw price increase including concrete blocks which increased by 10 to 30 dirhams and aggregates by QR20.

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