Spain jobless rate creeps back after summer boost

 03 Sep 2014 - 0:00

People wait to enter a government-run employment office in Madrid yesterday.

MADRID: Spain’s jobless queue lengthened slightly in August as the summer hiring boom tailed off but the indicator was stronger than a year ago, government figures showed yesterday.
The number of people in Spain registered as unemployed crept up by some 8,000 to 4.43 million in August compared to 4.42 in July, the figures from the employment ministry showed.
August usually sees a rise in registered unemployed as temporary summer hires end.
But in a sign of economic strengthening, the number of registered unemployed fell by more than 270,000 last month compared to August 2013, the ministry said.
The registered unemployed list is a different measure from the benchmark quarterly unemployment rate published by the national statistics institute.
The institute recorded 5.5 million unemployed in Spain in June, yielding an unemployment rate of 24.47 percent.