AT&T slashes wireless data charges in US

March 10, 2014 - 1:10:53 am

New York: AT&T Inc said it is cutting wireless data charges for individual customers who have no annual service contract, as the No. 2 US mobile operator attempts to better compete with rival T-Mobile US Inc.

Customers having one smartphone with no annual service contract will now pay $65 per month instead of $80 for a plan that includes 2GB LTE wireless data, unlimited talk and text messaging, unlimited international messaging and 50 GB cloud storage. Customers with two smartphones will pay $90.

The latest plan follows price cuts AT&T announced last month for families and customers who share large data plans, as well as its offer of a $200 credit to customers who switch to its network.

AT&T has been fiercely competing with smaller rival T-Mobile US after T-Mobile spent several quarters directly marketing to AT&T customers. T-Mobile reported three full quarters of customer growth after four years of losses. T-Mobile said on Friday it was doubling to 1GB the amount of LTE wireless data it was providing with its flagship plan, which costs $50 a month, and also includes unlimited talk and domestic and international text messaging. Reuters