Unseen grandeur awaits you in the land of lakes

 20 Feb 2017 - 12:31

Unseen grandeur awaits  you in the land of lakes

The Peninsula

Kazakhstan is a vast country, the ninth-largest in the world as well as the world’s largest landlocked country, stretches from the Caspian Sea to Siberia and from the border with Russia to China. 

Kazakhstan has a unique mix of deserts, steppes, savannas, wild forests, pristine lakes and rivers as well as modern cities, such as Almaty, a major commercial and cultural hub with leafy avenues, chic cafes, diverse dinning, stylish shopping centers and vibrant nightlife. 

Kazakhstan is a spectacular touristic destination which may not have been discovered by many travellers yet. The Qataris should visit Kazakhstan and experience its unique beauty discovering its authentic national parks, peaceful protected areas, mountains, lakes and rivers which astounded its visitors in all its beautiful and spellbinding mysteries.

Kazakhstan is a nation in Central Asia known for its culture and heritage sources. The nation reflects a variety of ethnicities including Kazakhs and Russians. Islam is the main religion followed by Christianity with a number of Jews and followers of other religions. 

It is known as the land of 7000 lakes and rivers. It shares a 6467km  border with Russia (the longest land border between two states in the world), a 2300km border with Uzbekistan, a 1460km border with China, a 980km border with Kyrgyzstan and a 380km border with Turkmenistan. Its total border length equals 12187km.

Visit the land of mountains, lakes, steppes, forests, rivers and nice people with long, old and rich culture   

The land of the rivers has plenty of mysterious secrets. For centuries it has been a pathway for many tribes. As a result, the Great Silk Road came into being the main line of the Silk Route on the territory lay across the country’s south. The route represents a unique complex of historical and architectural monuments, and a large variety of unique tourist attractions, which was formed in the Almaty region. Convenient tourist trails for nature lovers along Lake Issyk fed by the Issyk River reveal a picturesque valley with beautiful landscaping, waterfalls and rivers.

Climb to Medeu and Shymbulak: High-mountain complex of winter sport games “Medeu” was built on the height of 1700m above the sea level and its ice cover serves as a skate rink for amateurs and professionals for eight months a year. Here, the Medeu dam was built to protect Almaty from mud flows. An amazing view of Trans-Ili Alatau (ZaiilskyAlatau) mountain peaks open up from the dam. From Medeu take a trip to a mountain resort Shymbulak on the height of 2510m.

Take an exciting trip to a Big Almaty Hike: If you are in the Southern capital of Kazakhstan, then you must take this trip to the Big Almaty Gorge where the river Big Almatinka flows, where there is a Big Almaty Lake with a Big Almaty Peak above, seen even from the city. And this is only one-hour drive from Almaty.

See once the miracle Kolsai Lakes: Whilst you’re in the Almaty area it would be worth taking in the scenery of the Kolsai Lakes. The scenery is not too different from the lakes of Alaska, with snow-capped mountains reflecting in the clear blue water, contrasting with the bright green vegetation. 

Breathe the unique clean air of pinewood in the park “Burabay”: Nature has made a royal gift to Northern Kazakhstan putting a beautiful place among yellow, sun faded, endless steppes; massive trees, mountain spines, fantastic curves of the cliffs and quiet and enchanting lakes full of fish. 

Do you know the ancient Place of the first Apple in the World – the City of Almaty: Almaty is the biggest city of Kazakhstan and is located between beautiful mountains and plains with modern architecture. Its streets are wide and laced with fountains, gardens, and square and are characterized by abundant scenery particularly in spring and autumn. It enjoys the greatest of Soviet architecture. The Ascension Cathedral also known as Zenkov Cathedral, is a Russian Orthodox cathedral located in Panfilov Park in Almaty, Kazakhstan, it is claimed to be the second tallest wooden building in the world, Almaty›s tourist attractions include museums, galleries, theatres, and monuments including both historical and contemporary. 

You can feel yourself a cosmonaut: It is possible by taking a trip to Baikonur, the place where the first space satellite was launched and the first person, Yuriy Gagarin, flew to the moon. In the last half century, there were more than 1500 spaceships launched from the cosmodrome. It still serves as a window to the space. 

Visit Kazakhstan’s heart – the new capital city of Astana: This year Astana offers aSpecial Highlight International Specialized Exhibition “The Astana Expo 2017” Exhibition starts on July 10, 2017, which will be opened in only a few months’ time, on July 10, and held until September 10.

Be peaceful and reconciling and visit the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Astana. The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is a 77 m high building in Astana. The building expresses the spirit of Kazakhstan, where cultures, traditions and representatives of various nationalities coexist in peace, harmony and accord. It›s golden and pale blue colours are taken from the Kazakhstan flag. It also houses an opera house, a national museum of culture, a new «university of civilization», a library and a research center for Kazakhstan›s ethnic and geographical groups.

Don’t forget to visit for a pray The Hazrest Sultan Mosque and Nour AstanMosque of Astana. 

July 6, 2012 the largest mosque in Kazakhstan and Central Asia “Hazrat Sultan” was opened in the capital city of the country Astana. The building is constructed in the classic Islamic style using traditional Kazakh ornaments. The mosque standing on the right bank of the Yesil River is located near the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, and a monument “Kazakh Eli”

The Nour Astana Mosque is located in the city of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. It is the second largest mosque in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The mosque is located at the left riverbank in the city of Astana and construction first started in 2005. The mosque was a gift in accordance with the agreement of the Kazakhstan President NursultanNazarbayev and the Father Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa. It has the capacity to accommodate 5,000 worshippers. Glass, concrete

If you are in Astana have just the access to the Steppe and Lakes of Northern Kazakhstancomprises two protected a namely Naurzum StateNature Reserve and Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve totaling 450K hectares. It featureswetlands of outstanding importance for migratorywater birds, including globally threatened species.

These wetlands are key stopover points andcrossroads on the Central Asian flyway of birdsfrom Africa, Europe and South Asia to theirbreeding places in Western and Eastern Siberia.The 200K hectares in the Central Asian steppe
includes two groups of fresh and salt water lakessituated on a watershed between rivers flowingnorth to the North Pole.

There are so many places in Kazakhstan must see and for this purpose please visit this beautiful country.