Chinese entrepreneur praises Qatar’s global vision

 06 Dec 2017 - 11:22

Chinese entrepreneur praises Qatar’s global vision

The Peninsula

A leading Chinese entrepreneur praised Qatar’s global vision for innovative education, and stressed on the need to boost online education in Qatar and across the globe to address the needs of millions of students.

Arnold Fu (pictured), founder and CEO of Hujiang EdTech, during his recent visit to Doha, stated that, he was highly impressed with Qatar’s global vision in recognising champions of innovation in the world of education and empowering the future of tomorrow.

“Qatar, though with a relatively small area and population, is very responsive to the dynamics of educational innovation around the world. With a huge population, China faces difficulties in offering equal access to education for all Chinese people. I think Qatar is wise to pay attention to other countries’ effort in educational innovation and it has been doing so for a long time,” noted Arnold.

Hujiang EdTech itself is a case in point. The company has already served more than 160 million people online, with a hundred thousand new e-learning users joining every day. This is impossible for classical education.

China is not alone in facing educational imbalances. Other countries and regions, with fewer teachers for fewer people, also need to ensure access to education for children in desperate need.

For these places, the barriers to online education include slow growth, high R&D cost and lack of management and operations professionals and expertise.

“Countries like China tend to focus more on its own problems in education; while countries like Qatar that have a well-developed education system, a high average level of education and a smaller population can help establish a global vision. This vision may help develop solutions that are suitable for clients in more than one country. And these solutions can set good examples for countries and regions where educational innovation is still in its infancy,” added Arnold.

In addition, he advocated for the eradication of poverty through the Hu+(Hujia) project, which is an education charity programme initiated by his company Hujiang. The project aims to change the traditional model of education with the use of education technology.

As a result, a huge number of more than one million Chinese students from over 3,000 rural schools in 30 provinces now have access to quality educational resources through the online platform developed by Hujiang.

“This methodology could be widely adopted on a global scale. If we can promote this solution at an international scale, it will bring us one step closer to achieving equality in global education,” added Arnold.

Over the past 15 years, Arnold has clung to the idea that online education is crucial in promoting fair education across the board by creating more equal access to educational resources. It is an idea that he and Hujiang EdTech will continue to adhere to for many years to come.

Arnold was also nominated as the only Chinese judge at the WISE Summit in Doha and he was last year listed among the top 50 on the ‘Makers and Shakers of Education Technology Index’.